I’m a huge fan of do-it-yourself projects and the kind of people who prefer to undertake these kinds of projects themselves. My dad, may he rest in peace, was the ultimate do-it-yourselfer. He didn’t buy furniture, he built it himself. He loved Porsche 911’s. He’d never take his to a mechanic, he did the work himself. He loved motorcycles. When he wanted to attach a sidecar, he built the sidecar himself. Welding every seam and tightening every bolt and upholstering the seat. My sister needed a prom dress for her first high-school prom. My dad, while not a previously known seamstress, created the masterpiece. My sister will tell you it was the most amazing dress she’s ever worn. The crowning do-it-yourself achievement was delivering my three youngest siblings at home, no doctor present. He didn’t like doctors. He didn’t need them. So why use them? But he knew when to call a plumber. Even with his mind numbing collection of tools, calling a professional who’s expertise exceeded his own he believed to be the  best course of action.

Recruiting in the payments and fintech industries is much the same. Do it yourself when you can. Leverage your network and the network of your employees to find the best possible choices for your organization. When it comes to finding industry seasoned professionals critical to creating and executing your company’s strategic vision, call a professional.

We’ve been building and growing successful payments and fintech companies for years with the best talent the industry has to offer. Leverage our extensive network and ability to identify and attract top talent at high speed. Timing is everything and performance matters.

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